How do I upgrade from 6 month Welsh Speaker course to Deep End course?

@aran Helpu fi ogyd. I’ve tried clicking on the link from a previous SSIW email to subscribe to the £10 a month option for your Deep End course but it won’t let me complete the transaction. It says I need to email admin to transfer from the 6 month Welsh Speaker course but the email address it suggests isn’t accepted as a valid one when I try to compose an email to them!

The admin address is - is that the one you’ve tried?
I’ll tag @Deborah-SSi too as she will be able to advise.

The email has come through to admin now - diolch @siaronjames. I’ll ask our Tech Developer to check that other email address to see if there is a problem with it.

After checking - it’s the same address so should be fine

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