How do I say?

Hi, I hope someone can help me. I am trying to find out how I would say “I love my Daddy” in Welsh. I understand there is a North/South difference and I would be looking for how to say it in North.
Also, does gender of the speaker matter?

Tad = father, Tada = daddy (I think - I’m not 100% sure - that this becomes Tata in the South)
So colloquially, you could say "Dwi’n caru Tada fi" (although fully-blown grammatically correct, that would be “Dwi’n caru fy Nhada i”).

No, the gender of the speaker doesn’t matter at all.

I live in south east Wales and groups of us meet daily (except Sundays) both face to face and on Zoom/Skype. Most have learned Welsh but many are first language speakers from north and south Wales. I know the word ‘tada’ but have never heard it spoken by anyone. Maybe it’s used by children ? Or is it a very regional word? I dont know. Most I think would say ‘dwi’n caru fy nhad (i)’. Option to include the ‘i’ if you want. A regional variation used by some friends I have who are from the Aman valley area is ‘nhad i’, so ‘dwi’n caru nhad i’. Lots of regional variations in Welsh but no major differences, best learn them all, takes ages !!!. (gaddo - addo, dweud - deud - gweud, chwaer - war). Pob lwc !