How Can I Reset Automagic?

Hi all.

Does anyone know how to reset the ‘automagic’ tutor back to the beginning of the course?

I signed up for an account several weeks ago, but due to work comittments I wasn’t in a position to continue on to the full free trial with the intention of joining as I didn’t have the time to enjoy it. I did however complete probably 75% of the first session. I’ve now signed up for the initial free trial with the intention of starting again (properly this time!) and I can’t find the usual ‘rewind’ button anywhere! There’s the skip back symbol, but that just moves back a few seconds. I must be missing something.

Anyone any ideas? Thanks all.

What do you mean by 75% of the first session? If you had something that was ~30 mins long, that was a lesson/challenge file, not AutoMagic, so AutoMagic now should be at the start. How long does it say you’ve been using it? AutoMagic is a continuous learning tool, and the idea is you stop and start as you please.
If you just keep hitting the skip back button until it’s teaching you the first few words (sut, Cymraeg, isie/isio, angen etc if I remember correctly) that should be fine. I guess you’d possibly not be able to skip it back to hear the introductory explanation of how it works? But if you have any questions about that, this is the place to ask them. Basically, when given something in English, say what you think it is in Welsh before the voices, and don’t worry about whether what you said was 100% correct, as everything will be repeated. (They’ll very occasionally introduce something without explanation, purely to trip you up and force you to make a mistake, so that you’ll realise that the world doesn’t end when mistakes happen.)
Since AutoMagic shouldn’t be giving you a whole lot of words you didn’t learn before, you can also simply adjust the “how you’re feeling” setting to something less cheerful/confident, which makes it repeat things more before introducing the next words. So, you could use that until the words you learnt before have all come back to you - which they should - and then set it to fewer repetitions as is comfortable.

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Hi and thank you. I was just a little confused about how the Automagic and the courses are structured. I’ve now found a few other threads that explain it and through those I’ve realised that the Automagic is a contnuous experience. I had thought that it would mirror the individual challenges so I guessed I was about 75% through what would be challenge 1.

Thanks again.