How can I improve welsh communication?

Hello everyone :wave:

I recently started learning welsh and have used the say something in welsh course to improve my skills.

I am finding it pretty useful, but I want to know How can I improve my way of communicating in welsh with others, whether online or not?
Are there any other resources you recommend for boosting the say something in words course?

I am excited to learn about it, and I would like to greatly appreciate your efforts. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’d say the best way is to simply use the Welsh you have (whether it’s just a few words or much more) out loud as often as possible. If you’re not in an area with other Welsh speakers, speak to yourself, to your pets, to inanimate objects even - just get used to hearing Welsh actually come out of your mouth.
Whether you know other welsh speakers or not, use the practices and group chats online in our channels on Slack - this then brings in more listening skills, comprehension, and most importantly, confidence.
And if you do have Welsh speakers nearby “in the wild”, always start a conversation with them in Welsh and keep to Welsh as much as you can (but remember, lapsing into English when you have to is not a failure, just get back to Welsh as soon as you can)


Thank you for this useful advice for learning welsh :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Your advice about using the language is greatly appreciated; your motivation :fire: to engage with welsh speakers online through medium group chats for listening practice and skill building. Starting discussions in welsh with native speakers is a good idea.