How can I check my make-your-own-sentences?

So I’m in week 6 and I’m working on my chosen sentences.
How can I check I’m saying them correctly?
Also, where can I find a few words I’ve forgotten?
I tried Google translate but that was a disaster.

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Hi, I’m on week 6 too, I’ve been recording my sentences on my mobile phone then playing them back to see if they make sense, there’s a lot of pauses lol and a few swear words under my breath too lol

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Hi @magali-roberts,

If you want comments on your written sentences then you could try posting them here and asking for corrections. The words that you have forgotten may be in the vocabulary list for the challenge, otherwise you could ask here for a reminder.

If you want people to listen to them, then - record yourself saying them by whatever method you have available. Upload them to Soundcloud, then put the link on the forum. There are instructions for this in various threads, and a special thread for putting spoken sentences. You could add a message specifically asking for corrections if you want people to be picky about your pronunciation. (For goodness sake don’t listen to Google Translate.)

There is a brilliant thread if you want to listen to Welsh pronunciation. I have counted 645 words and phrases, all recorded by @CatrinLliarJones.

Have fun.

Edited to add link to explanation of where to post recording.

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Diolch yn fawr