How about DyCyAmDewi?

Aka, Dysgu Cymraeg Am Dewi.

The name borrows from the Na-No-Wri-Mo concept - National Novel Writing Month - where would be authors aim to turn out a 50,000 word novel in November.

In this case, would be Welsh speakers spend the month before Saint David’s Day following SSiWelsh level 1, and on March 1st celebrate their achievement by going to a meetup and having a chat in Welsh.

That timeline fits in roughly with a one lesson a day approach, but with enough slack for a few days of lesson revision if needed. This will be a demanding schedule for many people, but a month is a short enough period of sacrifice that it looks achievable.

  • It’s close enough to the start of the year that New Year’s resolutions can play a part
  • Existing learners/speakers can play their part as mentors e.g. a speaking session online at the end of each week to practice that week’s material, culminating with a meetup (face to face or online) on March 1st
  • It’s aimed at all those would be learners of Welsh who don’t think they have the time - come on, you can’t spare a little effort for a single month?

That’s the kernel of the idea. I think it has legs. It has a cutesy name, but more important than that, it’s about giving some structure and a goal to all those wish they coulds out there who think they can’t.

(DysguAmDewi works as well, but the thought of people talking about Ducky Am Dewi makes me smile).


It’s a good idea, I like it (although I’m much more a fan of names that are immediately clear!). Definitely one for the ‘ideas’ pile under the ‘getting more people to learn’ area… :slight_smile:

There could be a similar approach at other points in the year - leading up to Diwrnod Shuwmae Su’mae, for example.