Hi! Anyone in the Houston, TX area interested in meeting up and practicing?
xo, Sarah

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I’ve popped a message in the weekly email Sarah - fingers crossed!


I am still willing to get together, but this time why don’t you suggest a time and place and I will try to make it. Thanks for putting out this call- perhaps we will find others. Bette Drexler

Helo Sarah, This will be a busted flush for you as I’m actually in England! But it’s just to wish you well and say I am a fan of Houston Ballet and for some years have followed Derek Dunn there, who is fantastic, and at this moment recovering from injury. I have never met him, nor you of course, but perhaps one day…?
Cofion gorau,
David Evans - another Evans!


Yes, I live in the Houston area, Spring/Klein area. It has been awhile and I did not far in the lessons, but would love to get started again. -Ben

Go Evanses! Evanses rule! Is that how you even spell it? Evans’, Evans’s, how do you do it? Diolch, Sarah

Hey @benhudgins and @bettedrexler! How about we get together? Could we find a Starbucks somewhat equidistant for all of us (or a restaurant if we have no tea or coffee drinkers)? I am southeast of Cypress, close to the Bear Creek Park (north of 10). Could we find something that works? Monday and Wednesday mornings are best for me, unless nights would be better for you two.

Hope this can happen!
Diolch, Sarah

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@benhudgins @bettedrexler
Hi! Bette and I met up last month and it was so great to talk to someone interested in their Welsh heritage! I played along and said a few things in Cymraeg, but Bette is very advanced. We were planning on meeting at a Starbucks in Northwest Houston on Friday, January 15th. Any interest? Let me know. And do you know of anyone else in the Houston area who would be interested?

Diolch, Sarah