Horses and politics (real) on S4C

Ceffylau Cymru
I may be the only person on the Forum who was horse-mad as a kid, but if anyone likes horses, this program may appeal. If not the thread will die the death!
This series starts with dressage and a lady much younger than me says there was none in Wales when she was young! There wasn’t much anywhere as I recall ! I was seen as very weird for trying to train ‘my’ horse to do a collected trot, never mind passage! That must have been years before the lady!
Three day events included simple dressage but normal folk saw it as a bit like ballet!
This program is really about young people, so may appeal more if you have some in the family!

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O’r Senedd
Also from San Steffan. Current politics instead of the fictional kind in Byw Celwydd! Hopefully not full of lies! Didn’t learn anything but not bad. Pretty impartial, I thought.

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Not when I was young, but I started riding when I was 19 and have done a lot since then (although very little in the last 6 years as I had to have major spinal surgery to “push my spinal cord back in place” in the word’s of the surgeon after I fell over in a quarry)
One of my children has taken over the equestrian mantle, and I paint equestrian portraits, among many other things; as in the oil painting below, painted feb this year.

I’ve just worked through the horsey part of this memorise list,

so am determined to have the chance to drop at least one of these into a conversation!


You can try on friday, in which case the vocab from Y Gwyll may come in handy :wink:

Adroddiad patholeg efallai!

(Pathology report)

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That is absolutely gorgeous! Amazing!


Oh @Richmountart that is a wonderful picture! I am so sorry you can no longer ride. I am a little confused as to why the horse section of memrise does not cover, for example, dressage, showing, show jumping, eventing etc…, but does cover whales! Not seahorses (fish) but whales (mammals)!

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@henddraig, I was really horse-crazy as a kid, but never had my own horse, although I got to take weekly riding lessons. So I am looking forward to checking out the show. Hopefully, with young people starring, the vocabulary will be closer to my level than Byw Celwydd. Thanks for the tip.

And @Richmountart, that picture is sublime!

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Many thanks, was an enjoyable picture to paint.
The list from memerise was just a page I lifted from a course on animals in Welsh, so lots of other animals included on subsequent pages as well, that was the ‘horseyest’ page that I could see!