Horror films yn Gymraeg

With Halloween fast approaching, I’m trying to find a Welsh language horror film to run a halloween-themed film night yn Gymraeg, but they’re really hard to find! Does anyone know of any? I’m aware of O’r Ddaear Hen and Gwaed ar y Sêr, but it doesn’t seem as if there are any copies available anywhere. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Diolch.

Ryan Kift recently made a very kitsch film called “Zombies from Ireland”, but I’m not sure if it’s in Welsh.

There’s a horror festival in Aberystwyth every year. You could try a web search and see if you could contact the organisers. Maybe they’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

Cheers Rob. Just checked Zombies from Ireland and it’s in English. Remember looking at the Abertoir festival in Aberystwyth and, as far as I can recall, there’s no Welsh film. It’s a good idea to get in touch with them though to see what they know, so I’ll do that.

If all else fails, I’ll end up showing something from the silent era and translate the intertitles! I don’t think anyone would want that!