Hopeless speech synthesis

Found this on Reddit (8 months old but still relevant I think)

It’s from an attempt at a Welsh version Government Jobs page but it also reminds me of the Emergency Broadcast tests we got on our mobile telephones the other year which were similarly terrible …

Clearly nobody with any experience of Welsh (first or second language) was involved in the process!

To be clear, the printed Welsh seems quite acceptable - and consistent with the style of language one would expect on a Government website. But the attempt at reading it showed no idea at all about pronunciation of real Cymraeg.

Note that SOUND seems to be OFF by default and needs the loudspeaker icon in the player clicking ON to enable

The software that “reads” out websites is lagging behind for Welsh, and people are trying very hard to improve it. Important to note (in case it wasn’t clear) that the responsibility for updating/introducing the software that can produce the right sounds lies with the operating system of the computer you are using, not the website you are visiting. And it can be a long, hard process to get the likes of Microsoft and Apple to take notice of a European minority language!

If you would like to help Canolfan Bedwyr (who are working with Mozilla to create the necessary data set to make read-aloud available in Welsh), you can go to the “Common Voice” project to take part in the crowd-sourcing. (You don’t have to contribute to the speaking part if you don’t feel confident to do that yet - there is a listening aspect to it as well.)