Hi I want to get some. Speaking practice

How do we go about getting sentences and speaking practice?

Hi, @philip-2. Are you in either of the Slack groups, where there are usually people looking for practice partners? To join the Welsh Speaking Practice group, send an e-mail with ‘WSP’ in the title, to: admin@saysomethingin.com

Pob lwc! Good luck!

Diolch. Ive just realised not many people are using Slack and all the business of ssiw is done on the forum

Hi Philip,

Happy to listen to your sentences/ chat if you haven’t got something lined up.

Rich :slight_smile:

I had no success getting onto slack. I am on Skype, zoom and Facebook messenger. All of these are possible for me to practice with someone. Just need to find someone who wants to practice.

What was your problem with Slack David? Have you had an invite? (you need one to access the WSP group)

I got there from a link on one of the lessons? It was very complicated and I spent a good deal of time getting nowhere. I am not keen to try again when I have other much simpler options at hand

If it was a link in the lessons that would be the 6/6 group (tutor support and chat for people on the course). The WSP group is open to anyone (SSiW or not) but still by invitation. It’s a shame you couldn’t get on with the format as there are lots of chats to be had there, but it doesn’t suit everyone so I hope you find people to chat to.

Hi @davidhamilton, Happy to try out some speaking practice with you on Zoom or Skype. Even those of us who use Slack often do arrange to meet up on Zoom.

Thanks. If you like, you can contact me at (removed email) and maybe we can arrange something

Thank you. If you want to contact me directly at (removed email) we’ll see what we can do

Hi @davidhamilton

I’ve pinged you an email …

Rich :slight_smile:

Hi Alan. Thanks for your reply. I was unable to get to your private message. What I got was “Ooops, this is either private or doesn’t exist” No option for getting in was offered. Did I miss something?

Difficulty in contacting outside this form, without posting an email address. Doing that is risky. :frowning: Open to suggestions on how to connect

OK David - I was about to say I’d send you an email reply but I see you’ve removed it (which is not a bad idea on this public forum).
Ha! I see you’ve responded to my direct message, so we’ll continue from there.

This time, I was able to go directly to your messages. If this is a safe place, I can give you my email here. Are you in north America or the UK?

I’ve just direct messaged you, David. If you want to give me your email, do so there, rather than here. I’m in the UK.