Herts/ Beds/ Bucks Conversation Group

I’m fed up with being stuck in the middle of England with no-one to speak to, so I’m hoping to start a new Welsh conversation group in the Tring or Berkhamsted area. I’ve made contact with a fluent speaker, and several people who say that they would ‘love to learn’.

Anyone else within striking distance who might be interested in a regular conversation group?


Ooh, I have been thinking about posting something similar. I am a little further south, in the Chilterns, but definitely within striking distance of Tring and Berkhamsted. I have one or two friends who are learning, but would love to expand the circle!

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I am in contact with a native speaker from North Wales through Facebook, plus a few people who may be interested in learning. At least one who has known some Welsh, but has now forgotten most of it.

I’m planning on meeting with the native speaker for a chat in a local pub, but nothing has been arranged yet. Where do you live?


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@Deborah-SSi :slight_smile:

Got here before you @aran :rofl:

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This message is from Jackie: Berkhamsted area anyone? Or Watford?

How about meeting for coffee in Berkhamsted next week for a chat in Welsh? I am a beginner, though, hope that’s ok.

Thanks, Dee, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Jackie,

I am at home this week, as I have various appointments. I’m likely to be away for most of next week, although I could probably do Friday. I’m intermediate level, and I’m happy to chat.

Suggest a day, and a location, and I’ll have a look at my calendar.

I’m in Amersham, so about 30 mins from Berkhamsted, depending on time of day. I’d love a chance for a bit of a chat yn y Gymraeg. If I can make it (and if I may) I’d love to join you.

What time of day is best for you then, Catriona?

Kind of depends on the day, but probably afternoons on the whole :slight_smile:

I could do Friday 22nd in the afternoon or the following Monday or Tuesday.

I could do the 22nd. How about 3 pm? Have you got anywhere that you would particularly like to meet?

Catriona, could you make that?

3pm is fine. How about meeting in Costa coffee shop next to M & S? It’s quieter than the other coffee shops.

I’m so sorry! I didn’t get a notification about this, so I missed it.I

I have a longstanding engagement to have lunch with a friend that day, so it kind of depends how long that goes on. If we’re done by 2-ish, I might be able to get across to Berkhamsted by 3. Can we leave it that I will get there if I can?

If I do make it, where do you suggest I park? I normally only come to Berkhamsted when I’m catching the train up north!

You’ve got 1 and a half hours in Waitrose car park. Strictly you should spend a certain amount of money in there, but I’ve never been checked. Alternatively, it’s often possible to park in Charles Street during the day and walk down. This map shows which Costa it is (next to M & S Foodhall). Charles Street diagonally across the map. Hope you can make it.


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Thank you!

I’m sorry to say that I can no longer meet up on Friday, apologies.
I hope that you 2 still manage to have a chat.

Are you still up for meeting @cathfincher? If so, I will do my best to get over to Berko, but I’ll probably get there a bit after 3pm.