Hen fenyw

Dw i’n hapus iawn dysgu Cymraeg gyda SSIW a nawr dw i’ dysgu sut mae dyn ifanc yn gwneud ar y penwythnos
gwydred neu ddau yn y dafarn
gwylio y bel-droed
Ble mae hin yn gadael y hen fenyw?

i could say more in English[quote=“system, post:1, topic:30925, full:true”]
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I’m disappointed you haven’t addressed my topic of raising a question of cultural bias. I wrote in Welsh to soften the question But an automated answer

The automated answer comes from the ‘bot’ that is there to guide you around so you can get the hang of the forum a bit better (and it doesn’t know whether you post in Welsh or English!), but apart from the “guide you around” prompts, every other answer on the forum is from humans :slight_smile:

As far as this hen fenyw is concerned, I can think of nothing worse than going to the pub or watching football, so I’m quite happy to leave that to the dyn ifanc :wink:

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My sentiments exactly

The welcome bot must be new since I started using the forum some years ago, but hello and welcome!

Just one thing, we generally use English on the forum. It may seem odd, but it’s so that beginners and would-be learners are not excluded or put off. There are some specific threads for practising writing Welsh though, if you have a look at the various ongoing discussions.

Re your question about y hen fenyw, this introvert hen fenyw is much happier going for a walk (mynd am dro) than to the pub.

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Hi @chris-evans-4,
Here’s the link to the thread mentioned by @margarethall. It could really do with a bit more activity. Though Welsh with a translation provided is fine anywhere.

Here’s another hen fenyw who is happier going for walks. I have to confess to being quite content in lock-down, though it is good to be able to visit a cafe in the nearest town occasionally now. The welcome bot must belong to the platform that hosts the forum, not to SSiW.