Helpful videos from Aran?

Bore da! I’ve not yet introduced. I’m Tim and I live in Felindre Farchog, Sir Benfro. I moved here last August and, as an amateur composer I am finding Wales very inspiring, particularly around the coastal area I live in.

I have a question; before I subscribed I was getting a very helpful weekly video from Aran but these seem to have stopped. The last video was number 9 and at the end the topic of the next video was mentioned so I know there are more.

Is there a way of accessing these videos please?

Diolch yn fawr iawn.


Bore da Tim and croeso to SSiW! We would love you to share your talent with us at some point! Do you share your music online at all?

I personally can’t answer your question about @aran’s videos, but I’ll poke around and see if we can get you an answer very soon. :slight_smile:

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That was quick; thank you for the reply.

Yes, I share on soundcloud at

One of the first pieces I composed here was ‘Ceibwr’; it is a representation in music of the first time I did the short walk from Ceibwr to Pwll Y Wrach (a coastal path with spectacular high cliffs & not recommended for those with vertigo.) It is my favourite place in all the world and I walk there at least twice a week.

Tim Collett · Ceibwr
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That’s wonderful, thank you so much for sharing! :slight_smile: Wow you are very talented!

I’d love to share your work with our wider community if you would be happy for me to do so? If you could PM me a little about your Welsh learning story and how it inspires your music that would be absolutely wonderful! :blush: Diolch!

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Mmmm… I’ve got a feeling that I might not have got around to filming the 10th! :flushed: And we certainly haven’t been very thoughtful about putting them somewhere easy to access if people want to come back to them - we’ve got a website redesign we’re hoping to go live with in August - @CatrinLliarJones, maybe you could flag up to Nick that it would be good to have the videos available in some way? Ifan would be able to dig them out :slight_smile:

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I hope you can sort that out because the videos I’ve seen have been great. I’d already be a fluent Welsh speaker if only my Welsh teachers had shared that learning philosophy!

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The website launch keeps on slipping, but we’re hoping to be live in another couple of weeks now… and we’ll definitely get a page for the videos in there at some point… :slight_smile: