Help with translation

I have just taken over the job as treasurer for my dad’s minibus and want to redesign the invoices as I would like to make them bilingual . If anyone could help me with the correct translation for the following I would really appreciate it

Invoice number
Service provided
Total cost
Please make all cheques payable to
Please quote invoice number with payment
Prompt payment would be appreciated

Not literal translations in each case - I’ve gone for what sounds more natural/clear - so ‘provided’ calls for a bit of ‘round the houses’ in Welsh, but just ‘Gwasanaeth’ on its own will be, I think, entirely clear… etc… :slight_smile:


That’s brilliant . Diolch am dy help Aran :slight_smile:


I would be grateful if any one could help with my translation of 5 sentences to be memorized as required for Level 1 wk 23 in Northern dialect.