Help with three words or are they more than that

Could someone help me with the meaning of the following


I am assuming wnes adn wnest have a w(edi) in there somewhere


Both wnes and wnest come from the verb “gwneud” - they are the past tense for first and second person. So “Mi wnes i” = I did, and “Mi wnest ti” = you did. You can use them in front of other verbs to put them into the past tense, e.g. “Mi wnes i ddarllen” = I did read = I read. No wedi involved :wink:

Wrthot is different - that’s a form of the word “wrth”, which has lots of meanings (by, at…) It’s changed to “wrthot” when it goes with “ti”. So “oddi wrthot ti” means “from you”. If it was “from him” it would be “oddi wrtho fo/fe”.

I hope that helps and doesn’t confuse anything for you!

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What you wrote is how those words are spoken.

And thats all learners need to get going.

In written Welsh you will see.

Gwnais - I did … in speech you hear the shortened ‘nes i’ I did
Gwnaist - You did … in speech “nest ti” - you did … much quicker and shortened down

wrthot - the same spelling … Sara tells you above what this means … wrthot ti - beside you/from you

Wrth = by/from/beside … its a preposition

dweud wrth - to tell
dweud wrtha i - to tell me
In fluid sloppy speech you will hear “deu’tha i”
hey…us humans are lazy blinkers :stuck_out_tongue: