Help with questions

I was wondering if anyone could help me with a couple of questions please,
I’m trying to say
“which day is Alan playing guitar”
“What is Sue doing on Sunday”
The questions are for a practice group, thank you

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I will try. Dwi’n trio.

Beth dydd mae Alan chwara gitar?

Beth bydd y Sue gwneud e Dydd Sul?

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Well done for having a try Jen :+1:

“which day is Alan playing guitar” = Pa ddiwrnod ydy/yw Alan yn chwarae gitar

“What is Sue doing on Sunday” = Beth mae Sue yn gwneud ddydd Sul


Why is “ydy” or “yw” used in the first sentence and “mae” in the second? To my eyes the sentence structures seem similar.

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Different rules for different ‘interrogative pronouns’, according to Heini Gruffudd, Welsh Rules.

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Thank you Margaret, but I still don’t understand!

I get them wrong more often than not (along with “ble mae…”) but I’ll give my try at answering in my own words:

First question is like: “Which is the day (implied: when) Alan is playing guitar?”
“is” refers directly to the day, and gets interrogative form

Second question is like: “Sue is doing what on Sunday?”
“is” is linked to Sue/yn gwneud and “what” is the object of her action, so doesn’t get the interrogative form.

That’s how I think of it, and I realise it might look even more complicated (sori!) but it’s also my chance to get corrected, if I’m wrong, at least!