Help with lyrics please?

Hi Pawb! Dych chi’n gallu helpu fi?
Hi everyone! Can you help me please?

Dw i wedi bod gwrando am Eto gan Adwaith ALOT yn diweddar a ro’n i’n wondering sut basech chi’n cyfieithu’r geiriau yma:
I have been listening to Eto by Adwaith ALOT recently and I was wondering how you would translate these lyrics:
Moyn bod moyn teimlo yn fregus 'da ti
Moyn byw moyn marw yn dy gwmni di
Moyn bod moyn cwympo mewn cariad 'da ti

Baswn i’n cyfieithu hyn fel:
I would translate them like this:
want to be want to feel vulnerable with you
want to live want to die in your company
want to be want to fall in love with you

ond ar gwefan arall mae nhw wedi cyfieithu nhw fel:
but on a different website they have translated it as:
You must feel vulnerable
You must live, you must die in your (own) company
You must feel vulnerable if you fall in love

yr unig ffordd dw i’n gwybod i dweud ‘must’ (so far) yn defnyddio ‘rhaid’ felly sori os mae’n ateb yn obvious ond efallai mae’n colloquial term?
the only way i know to say must is to use rhaid so sorry if the answer is obvious but perhaps it’s a colloquial term.

(dw i ddim yn gwybod pam dw i eisiau gwybod ro’n i’n jyst randomly meddwl am hyn. Sori am fy wenglish ofnadwy btw dw i jyst ysgrif yr un peth fel dw i’n meddwl.)
(I don’t know why i want to know i was just randomly thinking about this. Sorry for my horrible wenglish btw i just write the same way I think.)


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Hi - that looks like the translation off the Fandom Welsh Song Lyrics Wiki. The guy who added it seems to have added loads of lyrics - and the lyrics themselves to Eto look good - but I haven’t a clue how he’s come up with this as a translation. I’ve been meaning to go back in there and send him a polite note to say that I’m editing it, and then do just that, but I haven’t got around to it yet.

In short: your translation looks fine, but theirs is wholly unrelated to the actual text.

One other thing: the language of the forum in general is English. That seems a bit perverse, when so many people on it have perfectly good Welsh, but it’s to avoid beginners looking at loads of incomprehensible messages and being put off. By all means do post in Welsh - but please add an English version as well, if you do.


Diolch yn fawr, thank you very much.

Yes that’s the site I found it on, was a little confused by it myself but didn’t know if I was just way off and it was colloquial or just idioms or something. Glad to know either way though so thanks!

Oops my bad sorry I didn’t realise, I shall edit the post now to add English, thanks for the heads up!