Help with ‘i’ before verb!

Have just completed lesson 1 of the old intermediate course and the sentence…
‘When I was hoping to win you started to play better’ is used.
The Welsh answer has no ‘i’ between ‘gobeithio ennill’ for the first part but has an ‘i’ before ‘chwarae yn well’ in the second half.
Can someone please explain to me if there is any rule to this?
When is the ‘i’ plus soft mutation used and when is just the verb with no ‘i’ or mutation used?
This has been driving me mad for a while so an answer would be much appreciated and apologies if it has been asked before.

Well there isn’t a “one size fits all rule”, more like lots of little ones! But don’t worry, this particular thing is often asked.

This thread may help? When to use and when not to use 'i ' as a preposition before a verbnoun


Many thanks for your kind response, had tried to find a previous question but failed.
Think I need to lie down in a dark room for half an hour but will look at it again after that.
Thanks again,

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