Help with English-Welsh translation

Shwmae bawb.
If someone could help me with an English to Welsh translation I would be really grateful.
How would you say ‘If it isn’t [name here]’ in Welsh?

It would be best to give a little context to help with the correct translation. Could you explain a little more about where or when you’re planning to use it, @a-1?

Ah okay, I was planning to use it as a greeting with a friend. E.g; ‘Well, if it isn’t __! I haven’t seen you in ages!’.

I doubt there is a direct translation in that case. What would you say, @siaronjames?

Hmmm. I can’t think of an alternative so I guess you’d get away with
“Wel, os nad yw ____ sy’n na!”


Oh okay, diolch yn fawr am helpu fi!

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