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I’ve had a few problems with challenge 8 for a few days and I’d really appreciate it if somebody could enlighten me. In challenge 8 we start using the masculine ‘it’ and the sentence “Where do you want to do it” is said (appears at 12:22) so I responded with “Ble wyt ti’n moyn (ei) wneud e?” however the speakers say “Ble wyt ti’n moyn gwneud e?” why is gwneud not mutating here?

Also, in the previous challenge we were told that when we want to say ‘when’ as a conjuction and not a question we use ‘pan’ so at 14:58 “I want to remember when you started” I said “Dw i’n moyn cofio pan nest ti ddechrau” but the speakers say “Dw i’n moyn cofio PRYD nest ti ddecrau” can anybody explain why ‘pryd’ is used here outside of a question?

Would really appreciate if anybody could help out with this as it’s been a bit frustrating.


With mutations, what you’ll find in everyday speech is that sometimes people mutate them, sometimes they don’t, e.g. strictly grammatically speaking you should say beth wyt ti’n moyn ei wneud? but you’ll hear plenty of people saying beth wyt ti’n moyn gwneud? It’s just a variation in the spoken language, so the course aims to get you accustomed to that. It’s fine if you respond with the mutation if that’s what you prefer.

With pan and pryd it can sometimes appear that the “when” is a conjunction, when in fact it’s an embedded question. One trick to tell the difference is to swap the parts of the sentence around. For example, “I lived in Cardiff when I was young” could be “When I was young, I lived in Cardiff” - that “when” is a conjunction.
But “I want to remember when you started” can’t be rephrased as “When you started, I want to remember” - the “when” in that sentence is the beginning of an embedded question - “When did you start?” and that’s what you want to remember - that whole question. It seems a little tricky initially, but you’ll get used to it.


Thank you so much for this fantastic write up. This has made me think I may be overthinking a few things!

That’s a great tip to use with pan and pryd and I’ll definitely be using it!

Diolch yn fawr!

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Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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