Help with a translation for a customised wedding gift

Hiya, I’m getting married soon and wanted to get a customised t shirt for my future hubby. I want it to say: “Sorry ladies but I’ve just married this beautiful girl!”.
I’ve only completed course 1 and level 1 and am struggling when it gets to the marrying bit. I would hate it to have a mistake lol, especially as I’m going to make him wear it on out honeymoon walking in Snowdonia.
Thanks all!

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Can’t help with this but will say big LLONGYFARCHIADAU! :slight_smile:

Aww thank you!
Not to worry, it was a long shot anyway. I will probably end up saying something simple, which will be nice too! :smile:

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Eh, you still have the time to wait that someone responds to your request. :slight_smile: But yes, something simple and from the heart will do nice too of course. :slight_smile:

I think ‘I have just married’ would be ‘Dw i newydd ymbriodi’
But I’m just a learner too, so I might be wrong.
‘This beautiful girl’ is a bit more tricky, something like ‘y ferch hardd hwn’
Hope this helps, and someone more knowledgable will confirm whether it’s correct (I can’t see any mistakes, but I am a learner!).

And a big Llongyfarchiadau from me too :wedding:

If you’re going to be walking in Eryri, I’d go for:

‘Sori, genod, dwi newydd briodi’r hogan hardd yma’ - or, if you’d like to be a little more colloquial/wink-tastic, Catrin and I both prefer:

‘Sori, genod, dwi newydd briodi’r bishyn fach hon!’… :sunny:


Thanks for jumping in, Aran. I’m relieved my attempt wasn’t a million miles away, but glad Litah has got a proper translation.
I’m curious what exactly your colloquial version translates as, though a little afraid to ask :scream: (Google translate and the dictionary had no idea…)

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Absolutely amazeballs Aran, diolch yn fawr iawn! Although I too am curious about the exact meaning…

Can I just also say how impressed I am by this forum and the quality of people here. If only other walks of life were half this friendly and helpful the world would be a better place!

I only discovered this site at the end of April but have been addicted ever since and so far completed the whole of Course 1 and Level 1. I listen every weekday while commuting and running - roughly about 1.5 hours per day. I don’t ever remember what music sounds like anymore! :smiley:

And the best bit is that I’m Polish, soon to marry an Englishman and we’re looking to move to South Wales from Southampton within the next 3 years.
Thank you all for your help!


It’s always a delight to welcome such lovely new people to the forum :sunny:

And you’re a fantastic model - the more people with your attitude we can welcome to Wales, the better :star: :star2:

For the precise meaning - ‘genod’ is ‘girls’, but it gets used (up north) in pretty much the same kind of context as you’d use ‘ladies’ when talking to a group of people in English… then ‘hogan hardd yma’ is literally ‘the beautiful girl here’ - while ‘y bishyn fach hon’ is literally ‘this little piece’ - but ‘pishyn’ is probably the most common way to talk about an attractive person (of either sex, but the softening to ‘y bishyn’ makes it clear it’s talking about a female). :sunny: