Help translating for an Aussie Welshman

Hi everyone. I’m posting here to ask a question of the knowledgeable folk in this forum. I am Austalian born and bred, from a huge extended family who have emigrated here from Liverpool. We also have Welsh ancestry. So my question is, what is the Welsh translation for ‘You’ll never walk alone’? I have tried some online translators, and quite frankly don’t trust the accuracy, especially considering I’d like this tattooed on me. Fyddwch chi byth yn cerdded ar eich pen eich hun is what was generated. Can anyone please assist me here? Thanks in advance, much appreciated.

Whilst that translation is correct, there is definitely a better way to say it on a tattoo.
The song has actually been translated into Welsh (have a look/listen here ) with Ni Cherddi’n Unig Fyth as the title - which is just a more concise, way to say it.