Help translate leaflets into different languages

Visiting Coventry Cathedral I saw this notice in their notice leaflet, no idea if they currently have one in Welsh or not but they are asking anyone who can offer help with translating their leaflets (which have basic info about the building for visitors/tourists) to contact the e-mail below:

Languages not specified?

It sounds like they want to update their existing leaflets. I wasn’t looking out for them at the time so didn’t see them but this blog has a photo of their leaflets (not sure how up to date the picture is) where you can just make out the languages - but maybe they would also be willing to have more languages to offer - they already have 20!

They have Croatian, Slovak, perhaps I’ve seen Serbian there … all similar to Slovene, but didn’t see Slovene in this asortiment although it might be but wrongly spellt. I didn’t see Cymraeg also.

All in all, I’ve just written to e-mail mentioned above approximately an hour ago and now I’m must waiting for the response. As they have so many languages, quite some Slavic also, they might be interested into Slovene also. Will report back if I get the response from them.

Is that a Slovenian flag on the right hand side?

EDIT just realised it must be Slovakia (they look similar from a distance!)

Right handside is Slovakia, left handside is Croatia …