Help! To repeat or not repeat the challenges?

Hi everyone,

I’ve just done level 2 and at the end Aran says to repeat the challenge until I get about 80% of the Cymraeg, but in the emails I think it said not to repeat the challenges but to carry on to the next one (I think). Which is best?

Diolch for any assistance!

Emails are more up to date following Arans later advice. :blush:

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diolch, John :smile:


I think, but not certain, that the 80% advice was given during the old course.


I have heard Aran say it on the Challenges, possibly near the beginning of Level 1? But the advice now is to carry on, unless you’re a high repetition learner. There’s advice about that on the SSiW Youtube channel.


Hi Julia,

If I remember correctly (on the southern course) we are told to revisit challenges 25 now and again as a refresher. The last challenges include all the patterns used previously I think.
Well done on finishing level 2.


Yup, sorry - we’ve got to find the time to update those old intros/outros one of these days! :flushed:

Hi Julia.

Congratulations! Moving on with the course, competing challenge 2, already trying to improve the way you learn… all signs of a Welsh speaker in the making. Great work!

The important thing with the SSiW course is that you’re comfortable with te way you’re doing it, or at least, at the comfortable end of “I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep this up”! So, repeat if you need to, but don;t think you need to get everything, or even most of the Welsh right. The important thing is that you say something in the gap, even if you need to pause for a bit. As long as you are saying something, and that you are finding that what you are saying is quite often pretty similar to what we are saying, then you are doing as much as you need to. A useful guide, and one of the tasks on the 6 month course, is to push on through the challenge 5, and then try challenge 1 again. If you find challenge 1 easier, then whatever you are doing is working.

But do keep asking here if you want to fine tune your technique. It’s useful to you, as you will get te nest out of the course, and it’s really important for others to be reminded that there are different ways to learn, and to try some things to see what suits them.

Keep on enjoying it!


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