Help! The challenges are too fast for me!

Hi - I’ve just got to the end of Challenge three and I’m struggling. I’ve read Aran’s email about NOT using the pause button, and not taking the same challenge twice and it’s running away with me. At the end of challenge three the words are just going round and round and not sinking in. What should I do?

Hi @Ian. Welcome to the forum first.

I’m not sure what @aran will suggest in your case but mostly the advise is to struggle to the challenge 10 and then see if things really don’t sink in. There is plenty of repetition of old material in each challenge in order that repetition would not be needed. However if until then it really wouldn’t get at least something into the place, I believe it’s fine to repeat whatever you think doesn’t quite stick.

For your comfort: we mostly all struggled with challenges, if not until challenge 3, then surely until later. There’s always easier part in one challenge and then harder in another depending of what seams harder or easier to particular learner.

Maybe, if you’d inform us more specifically about what you struggle with (I just don’t believe notning sinks in), the help also might be more specific. Remember, we’re all here to help one way or another.

Pob lwc nawr! Dal ati! (Good luck now. Keep going on.)

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Hi Ian - that sounds as though you might have some processing issues - it’s a fine line between pushing yourself as hard as possible (and embracing mistakes and uncertainty!) and actually outstripping your brain’s ability…

The core question here for me is - about how often do you manage to say something in the gap? (I’m not concerned about right/wrong, just how often you actually say something) :slight_smile:

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Thanks Tatjana and Aran - actually I’m quite pleased with myself :slight_smile: I’ve been living in a Welsh speaking village for seven years and managed to learn enough before finding saysomethinginwelsh to pass the time of day (good morning, it’s raining again and I’d like a dozen eggs please).

Up until the second half of challenge three I was able to say something if not all within the gap Aran, and I have some native Welsh speakers in the village on whom I’m practicing.

It’s just that challenge three is going so fast I can’t keep up with it. I am 68 and not so fast as I used to be at anything :frowning:

And Tatjana, lots is sinking in :slight_smile: It’s just that I feel I’m slipping behind. Challenge four is terrifying!

Thanks to you both for getting back to me!



Yes, this is how it’s supposed to work, the challenges melt your brain, they are too fast for all of us! If you do enough of them you actually start to enjoy it. The thing is that finding a way to stick at it eventually you will surprise yourself by having a conversation in Welsh with someone and still not believe that you can speak Welsh!
It’s supposed to be hard work. You are free to tackle the challenges how you wish, you can repeat a challenge as often as you like, but do try and move on once you are getting something vaguely Welsh out most of the time.
Maybe try a challenge with the pause button and then re-do the challenge without it, but getting away from the pause button does help in the long run.


Ah, that sounds as though you’re off to a very strong start! :star:

In that case, yes, as Tatjana said earlier, I’d strongly recommend that you push on through to 10 on the same basis - remember, you can always come back and revisit earlier lessons, but pushing on will help make you immune to the temptation to over-repeat any individual lesson… :slight_smile:


I used the pause button a lot to start with. Now I’ve finished all the new challenges (so far available) and I’ve been working through the old levels. I don’t use it much any more, but it took me a long time to feel comfortable without. I still make masses of mistakes and probably get well under half right or out before Cat but I’m happy that I’m making some progress so just don’t worry about it too much.

I’d do whatever keeps you going while feeling tough, but not so tough your responses ‘shut down’ completely.


Thanks to you all for the sound advice! I’ll persevere for a bit and see how I get on :slight_smile:
Thanks again,


Let us know how it goes… :slight_smile: