Help -says I'm not subscribed but i am?

hi there- I’ve logged in but it says “this is premium content” and that I need to subscribe for £10 a month- but i am subscribed- can someone look into it for me please- have you stopped taking my £10 a month- i’m not on internet banking so can’t check? Diolch

I’m tagging @Deborah-SSi for you, she will be able to check.

great- thanks!

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Hi @catherine-evans-3! I’ve checked and there was a problem with your April payment. The banks have installed new security software recently and this has caused a problem with a few card payments. You would have been sent notification emails, but these do sometimes go into people’s spam unfortunately, so you may have missed them.

You’ll need to resubscribe and the new security will be applied during that process. Don’t rejoin the 6 Minutes course though or it will set you back to the beginning. Instead send an email to once your subscription is active again and let us know which Challenge you want to restart from.

That may not get actioned until Monday, but in the meantime you will still be able to access the Challenges.

ah thanks- they haven’t contacted me at all as I use my spam folder every day too and nothing from them. Thanks for giving me the instructions- I’ll see if I can sort it out now :I’d actually had my e-mails from SSIW paused so i can catch up (I’ve got M.E. and it means sometimes i have to take a break from here - which is how I’m only noticing the problem now - thanks for getting back to me so quick. grinning:

hi- I’ve sorted it out thanks- it’s actually back where I left off so no problems at all- thanks again! :star_struck:


Hi Catherine, yes, your subscription is reactivated so you have access to everything on the site again, but your 6 Minutes a Day course is still not activated so you won’t receive any Monday emails at all.
I remember that you asked to be on pause, so you’re fine for now, but if you’d like the emails to restart, just email us at admin and let us know when you’re ready.

that’s great - yes I’m ok for a good while- I’m up to 7 again now but I got the e-mails up to 18 I think- thanks so much for your help it’s really appreciated! :star_struck:

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