Help please - where to speak Welsh in the north?!

For your best chances to use/hear Welsh, it should definitely be a throw of the coin between Caernarfon and Llanrwst… :slight_smile:

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Heddiw dw i’n aros yn Lanberis. Dw i wedi gorffen dysgu yn gynnar, felly dw i 'di dod yma efo fy mheic.

Es i i’r gwesty…“Ga’i beint o Becks?”…“err errr gorffen”… “Dim ots, peint o Kaltenberg…ac oes gynnoch chi frechdanau?” …“err err”…“have you got sandwiches?”

“Yfory dw i’n mynd I ffeindio caffi…rownd 2”


Doedd na ddim Brains…? :slight_smile:

Wrth gwrs ond o’n i isio peint o lager ddoe!

Yes, a pub may well be a place to wind down afterwards. Although, having read a recent post, I would be wise to ask for ice in English at this stage…


Dwn i’m siwr…Beth ydy’r gwaethaf gall digwydd?: Ti’n cael rhew mewn dy ddiod, neu ti’n cael lwcus…:wink:


Efo’r barman :wink:

For anyone who (like me) happens to come across this thread later – there’s a trip report here:


Ardderchog @Baruch! And thanks for giving us an update. It’s lovely to hear how well you were received. I’ve decided that I’m going to start going to Paned a Sgwrs (there are a couple of groups in my work) to get some practice in so hopefully I’ll get a similar reception!