Help please. Instructions for Sentences

Second “Help” of the day from me!

I need to catch up with the speaking sentences from the very start.

Is there a concise overview of the exercises anywhere?

I do have the excuse of a formal diagnosis of adult ADHD. The more ways I try to keep track of things the more muddled I get.

I will fly through them once I have it all in one place. I’ve lost the emails they came in originally.

Thanks. :grin:

Group 1:
I want to
I’m going to
I can’t
I need
I wanted
I’ve just started
I’ve forgotten
I was trying
That I need

Group 2:
I’ve got
I can
If I can
I’m not
Do you need?
You said
Could you?
Do you want?
I didn’t
He wants

I’ve just started Level 2 and haven’t seen any others yet.


OMG, thank you so much Irina. You are very kind to write it all out Now I must save that and not lose it.

No problem at all, I have them all saved as a text on my mobile because I would have lost them ten times over otherwise.

Have fun repeating them :smiley: