Help please? Garden Centres with Welsh speaking staff

Sorry to our international friends, but this is for those in Wales to answer. Could I enlist your help please?

Do you know of any garden centres/garden nurseries near you that have any Welsh speaking staff? I know of some, but I’m hoping you guys may be able to help me find a few more. Extra points if they happen to be in SE Wales :wink:

Diolch! :rose::wilted_flower::hibiscus::sunflower::blossom::tulip::seedling::evergreen_tree::deciduous_tree::ear_of_rice::herb::man_farmer::woman_farmer:


I guess you’ll already know about Frongoch Garden Centre in Llanfaglan, nr Caernarfon …

yup, kinda familiar with that one :wink: :smile:

There’s one near Corwen that had Welsh speaking staff in the cafe. It is a few years since I visited, but the owners are still the same. They may have Welsh speaking staff who can advise on plants too.

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Thanks Margaret, yup, they have - we’ve worked with them before and I’ve already spoken to them :slight_smile:

Keep 'em coming though folks - I have a list of 10 from last year but there must be others out there :crossed_fingers:

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Penrallt Garden Centre - can’t remember the exact address, but near Poppet Sands, in Pembrokeshire. A bit of a distance from you though, I fear.

Thanks Raf, I’ll look into it (home from work now, so can’t check my list!). Distance from Caernarfon not important - we let our cameraman use the car! :wink:

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There has been talk of The Woodworks Garden centre, Mold ‘going Welsh’.
Maybe The Derwen centre, Guilsfield, I think there it depends on what staff are on duty, I did notice a Welsh dictionary behind the counter obviously for staff use.
Pob lwc

Great, thanks Tricia :slight_smile:

It’s been a while (like a couple of years) since I was there, but I’ve spoken Welsh in Castell Newydd Emlyn

Thanks Dee - yup, we’re visiting Trefhedyn :slight_smile:

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Not SE Wales, but Brondesbury Park in Cardigan is Welsh-speaking

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Thanks Tony, that’s one I haven’t tried yet :slight_smile:

There is also brondesbury in cardigan, opposite tesco and neil, the owner taught us out first welsh words when we moved here 8 years ago!

I have a feeling that Weeks in Crosshands, Carms, doubles up as a gatden centre and they seem as lf they would speak Welsh. Sorry a bit vague Siaron, Id have to check. Also, on thr subject of multitasking outlets,
what about the Station goods building thingy in Llanfair Pwll Station? Admitedly not a garden centre in the pure sense.

Thanks all - my list is getting much bigger now! (You’ll all have to tune in to the new series of Garddio a Mwy to see where we go to! :wink: )