Help needed for translation

My daughter has been asked to say a few words in welsh at a christening in Austria. What she has asked me to translate is this…We ask you Lord let all parents support each other and give time,patience and understanding for their children. Support us and everyone with that responsibility to create a good future and leave a world worth living in…does this sound OK…Inni’n gofyn I ti Arglwydd gad rhieni I gyd cefnogi ei gilydd a rhoi amser,amynedd a deall am eu plant nhw. Cefnogi ni a phawb gyda’r cyfrifoldeb yna I creu dyfodol dda a gadael byd werth bywoliaeth mewn. Any feedback would be welcome.

Ooh, Church Welsh - this is definitely one for @CatrinLliarJones to get her teeth into - but give her a few days, because we’ve only just got back from a hectic little road-trip! :sunny:

Aran/Catrin, would you be able to tell me what the Welsh is for “Holy Spirit”, please? Diolch.

Ysbryd Glân - and in other news, I’ve emailed Catrin to draw this thread to her attention :sunny:

Diolch Aran!

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Diolch Aran.

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The baby has been christened and my daughter read out my cobbled together translation. Just hope there weren’t too many errors. People came up to ask her what language she was speaking as they did not recognise it!


Llongyfarchiadau to them all :sunny: