Help! My automagic has automatically magically changed to Spanish!

And I cannot find how to turn it back to Welsh!

Anything I do, it always turns out to be in Spanish.

Going to my saved link even gives me Spanish.

Serious help needed here!

Diolch yn fawr.


Panic over.

Was working on ipad where the Settings were not visible unless I scrolled down.

Mi fedra i astudio yn y Cymraeg rwan. :grin:


So it Auto-Magically changed back?!


Not quite automagically.

With a little help from my magic finger.

But a good thing was that in searching for the solution, I found a SSIW mini lesson on learning Calon lan. :+1:t3:

Can’t find it again now, mind you. :-1:

Must try harder, Jennifer

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While exploring you must have clicked on the SSi logo at the top. That takes you through to the main website, and there are links to learning ‘Calon Lan’ and the Welsh national anthem there :slight_smile:


Diolch yn fawr, Deborah. :kissing_heart:

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