Help/motivation/difficulty with Level 2

Prynhawn da pawb!

I need some help if possible? Dw i’n eisiau gofyn rhybweth i chi…

I did a quick search through the forum before posting but didn’t find anything specific.

Currently mae lefel 2 yn anodd/level 2 is difficult.

I struggled with some of level 1 (challenges 12/13/14) and I know from the forum this was common for a lot of people. I still preserved and things clicked into place (mostly).

However, recently challenges 8/9/10/11 in Level 2 I am finding difficult. I haven’t had as much time lately to listen so have been going over level 1/25 to help.

I suppose the question I want to ask is…do you tend to power through even if you’re not answering in time? Or is it best if I’m struggling that much to go over the ones I struggle with until I’m getting there?

I understand I won’t get everything perfect but the levels I listed above are just not sinking in.

Can anyone give any advice on how they combatted a struggle when things get tough?

Alternatively did you struggle at the same point and preserved and came through the other end?

Still extremely motivated to keep learning ond mae’n anodd nawr.

Diolch am helpu and thanks in advance


This is going to sound like a real cop-out, but… I would think that it’s going to be down to you as a person (although I’m totally happy to be contradicted by the people that know better about learning methods etc!)

I am the sort of person that will push ahead until I really can’t go any further, and then double back to work out where it’s gone astray and start again from there. I do that in all sorts of things in my life (including orienteering!) It might not be what people consider to be optimal, but it works for me. I’m a bodger, and would rather achieve 70% and crack on, than try to get every detail perfect before trying something new. But I’m comfortable being slightly out of my comfort zone, if that makes sense.

For some people, that feeling isn’t welcome - it’s too much, and makes it feel as though things are running away with them or that they are “failing” in some way. (We don’t like the f word here, do we - it’s really unhelpful.)

So is the struggling getting you down? Or are you somehow thinking that you should (another unhelpful word there…) be doing better than you are? What would give you more confidence to use your Welsh, do you think?

Can you go back to challenge 8 again, perhaps, and see how it feels? Perhaps more has sunk in than you think?

One tactic I used (which may or may not help) was to redo the last lesson and then do the next one - so 8 followed by 9, then 9 followed by 10, then 10 followed by 11, etc - it gave me a little reinforcement before moving on to new stuff.

I don’t think there’s any harm in redoing things a bit, but it’s probably not a good idea to get too obsessive about going over and over the same material in an effort to cram it into your brain - that’s just going to be counterproductive.

Now waiting for @aran to come and tell me my understanding of the process is 10 years out of date! :laughing:


Usually I go without pausing, but if I find something doesn’t feel like it’s sinking in, I’ll look for where it’s very first introduced again and play it back and pause it and repeat it several times before playing the answer, do that for a bit, like 4 or 5 phrases, then just let it go without pausing again and that usually helps. Giving myself time to find the rhythm or cadence of a difficult phrase seems to help.

I don’t know if that will help you, but it seems to help me.


Thanks for taking the time to reply Sara…

I’ll definitely give it a go re going over some. I just feel like all of a sudden it stopped clicking and became difficult so I think going over it is best.

I’m lucky that I have colleagues who speak Welsh and I can practice with, but it is tough when you have a mind blank and struggle to remember what to say.

It was great to read your own experiences by the way.

Diolch am helpu


Thanks Joshua - I suppose it can’t hurt so will give it a go. Because of a lot of it sunk in at first I think I became frustrated when it wouldn’t click at the later challenges. Especially when sentences become quite complex.

Hope all is going well your end and thanks


What Sara and Joshua have said is exactly what I would previously have recommended - and it’s still very much the best way to work through the static files.

But what I would now suggest is that you move over to AutoMagic, even though we’re not quite ready yet in terms of making it easy to advance to the right level for you.

Because Level 2 has been hitting your confidence a bit, you’ll benefit from a quick (set it to 'Fire Rocket Dragon under the ‘how are you feeling?’ question) gallop back through the Level 1 material, and then you can use the ‘how are you feeling?’ question to give yourself an easier ride with Level 2, which sounds exactly like what you need :slight_smile:


Diolch am esbonio Aran, I’m very grateful for the response/advice from you and the others.

Amser i gwella :handshake: