Help I'm stuck!

Hope you are all staying safe and well!

So I’m now on week 8 - challenges 14 and 15. Well, I am stuck - I can’t grasp any of the new words and phrases and I’m in a right old muddle. I forgetting most of week 7 too.
Is is because there’s a global pandemic?
Is it because I am no longer at work and all the normal routine has gone out of the window?
Is it because the lovely Welsh chap I practice with at work with is no longer around?
What’s happening to me?!! :thinking:


I think it’s because challenges 14 and 15 are actually a bit notorious - lots of people hit ‘The Wall’ with them, but don’t worry, the wall is surmountable and we’re all here to give you a leg up. Don’t feel you have to ‘nail’ these two before moving on (things in them will get repeated in easier chunks further on, so you won’t actually miss anything) - and besides, the last thing you want to be staring at now is yet another wall! :wink:


Phew…not just me then! At this point in time, I really do hope I never meet an interesting old man in the pub who knows my sister! Or, meet someone who works with my brother! :rofl:
Thank you for your support xx


I used to work with your brother - let me know when you want a Welsh chat with me, and I’ll dish the dirt!




“I don’t want to sit between the two girls” - Level 3

There are some other gloriously inappropriate sentences - all part of the fun

I found all the versions of dweud very confusing in those two levels. You are not alone.


It’s probably ‘all of the above’, Sam - but hang on in there, you’re through the worst of it by the time you get to 15, and from 16 onwards it never gets quite that bad again… :slight_smile:

And the more you can build structures for this new way of living, and maybe dig out some practice partners on WSP (, the more you’ll deal with the other stuff, as well :star:


Well…I am feeling much better now. I kind of muddled through Challenge 14 (my nemesis) and have just completed Challenge 15.

Challenge 15 has given me a boost because I could get through most of it - even though I still have a mental block with meeting people who know my brother and sister!

I am determined to carry on…Dw i ddim isio stopio rwan!

Ac on i’n trio ymarfer efo yn postmon heddiw…(from 2 metres away :joy:)

Diolch yn fawr pob :smiley:


I think it took me until I’d got through the whole of Level 3 until I finally ‘got’ the sentences in Level 1, challenge 14! So don’t beat yourself up about it. I think anyone who can get those sentences first or second time round is an exceptional linguist.


Excellent - well done, Sam, and yes, absolutely agree with David… :star: :star2:

The disruption to usual routine has left me having to adjust too, Sam. I think I’ll have to setup a specific time of day and stick to it.
I’m at a similar level to you Sam, albeit 13 (I found the latter half of 12 frustrating so I’ll have to ignore the notorious 14/15 and plough through).
Through work I’m having to do a lot of video conferencing, which has lead me to open up to the possibility of practicing with another SSiW learner online. If you fancy a weekly Zoom practice session I’d be keen. Let me know butty (or anyone else at similar level)


I’m glad you’ve posted this because it makes me feel much better. I’m now on challenge 17 but I had a really tough time of it on challenges 14 and 15 where I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere and wondered what the point was.

However, I’ve just had a really good week on 17 where I was able to get most things right first time including the references back to the parts I struggled on in 14 and 15.

I think we need to accept that there’s going to be weeks where you fly and others where you struggle but providing you can push through you’ll making progress overall.

Stick with it and as we’re regularly told, trust the process.


Yes they were difficult but keep going as eventually it falls into place . It is hard when there is so much to worry about in the world but for me I find learning Welsh a way to switch off from all the anxiety . :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿:sunny: