HELP - I'm stuck - seemed to have hit a brick wall

Hi - I need inspiration and encouragement. I’ve reached Week 18 - Level 2 challenges 9 and 10, but I am just not able to remember/make the sentences I’m hearing. I feel like a rabbit in headlights and panic struck. Has anyone else experienced this and what helped you to get out of it?


I think I’m safe in saying EVERYONE has felt like that at some point in their language learning journey. Don’t fret over it. Accept it as part of the process.
My advice would be to have a couple of days off. Give your brain time to assimilate what it has, then start again.
Be assured, it isn’t a negative thing and once your brain has sorted out where it is everything needs to go, all will be well again.
Nadolig Llawen. :blush:


Been there, done that, got the T shirt, mug and everything else. I doubt that there’s anyone on this journey that has not experienced that issue. Dal ati (keep at it). It will stick eventually and you will wonder why you worried about it.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


I’ve got about six of those T shirts. My first was level 1 challenge 13. Honestly if you take a break and keep moving it will come to you eventually. Once I got the idea that I would never get it perfect the whole process became easier. Good Luck


For sure this happens. I found it helps to go back over some stuff from earlier on. Helps the confidence because it will seem easier than first time and also when those bits crop up again you need less of tour brain power to remember them so you have more to focus on the rest.


Thanks @aliC @RobMorgan @ken @ann-bowman-me-com for your replies and encouragement. I had two holidays in January and so I put myself on pause/hold. It’s taken me a while to get back on to it, but last week I bit the bullet and I asked to be put back to the beginning of Level 2 having listened and re-done the last fe challenges of Level 1. So, thanks for your encouragement. I hope I’m now fully back in the saddle. Sorry for not replying sooner. Diolch i pawb !!