Help I fi

In lesson one listening practice 2 double speed ,why isn’t there a normal speed first ,would make learning so much easier , thx in advance pawb

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There are a few ways to answer this - but I shall defer to the wonderful @Deborah-SSi


Hello Carl!
And if you search double speed, you can find more comments, answers and doubts that might be interesting for you to read:

or like this (most recent first):


Helo Carl,

Yes, most of the advice has already been covered in those threads. The double speed is a shock to the system at first, but if you can put your doubts aside and trust it, it definitely works. The main thing is not to TRY to understand it. Just let it wash over you, sort of semi-listening, and don’t concentrate on it. Your brain will kick itself up a gear and after a few listens, maybe even sooner, you’ll realise that you’ve understood what they’re talking about. You won’t have heard every word, but you’ll have captured the meaning.


I struggled to find a level 1 listening practice that sounded speeded up to my ears, this weekend! Weird… Level 2 speaking practices are still pretty speedy to me…