Help, I can no longer login to the forum on my phone

I have an old Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I8160. The android version is 2.3.6

Up until the weekend I had a bookmark in the browser (that I downloaded) and I could log on every time. Now when I try to log on the phone locks up.

I have tried downloading other browsers and they do work better but when I get to the forum I get a message saying that my browser is too old to use with the forum.

The browser that originally came with the phone is updated, and when I try to update the phone software it says it is up to date.

Please tell me that I can fix this? I can’t afford a new phone before Christmas :frowning:

Any help very gratefully received.


Does it say that the browser is too old on all browsers you have used?
Which Browsers have you tried?
Have you tried clearing the cookies on the browser? ( if your not sure, let me know which browser you are using and I can direct you how to do this)

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Hi Dan, I am using the xxx (I have edited out the name, not sure I am supposed to mention & we seemed to have solved the problem) browser, I tried a couple of others too.

OK, when you’re in firefox, If you access the menu. ( i think its the bottom left button on the front) and go into settings and to privacy. You should have an option called ‘‘Clear private data’’ press that and make sure everything is ticked and press clear data. This WILL NOT delete your bookmarks so dont worry. Try the forum after that.

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PS, I have tried clearing cookies, and I have re-installed the browser twice. :-s

Right ok. Beat me to that one. try removing the bookmark and readding it? (not sure if reinstalling the browser will clear the bookmark)

Still no joy. Wonder if I should try a factory reset? After saving all my contacts of course!

Bizarrely, xxx (edited out now the problem is sorted, not sure I am supposed to mention names of browsers etc) seems to work as I am typing this on my phone. But, I am still getting the your browser is too old message. I will monitor things with this browser, thanks for your help Dan. I think removing all the bookmarks did the trick but god knows why ! :slight_smile:

No problem. Let me know If you need further assistance.

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I’m not the mod but I don’t see a problem here. If names of browsers wouldn’t be allowed to mention then not even one should be mentioned at all and besides, I don’t believe either browser is illegal (at least of those we’re usually using) and none of them is SSi’s competition, SSi doesn’t make them. If mention of browsers was not allowed especially when there’s a problem with our sites apps etc, then we shouldn’t mention “chrome” “ie” “firefox” etc either …

So I believe (but I very well can be wrong though since I’m not one of forum staff) you’re on the safe ground.

I’m glad you solve the problem though.

Pob lwc gyda sgwyny/dysgu nawr. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t of thought mentioning a browser would be against the terms of use on the forum. Perhaps if you were directing a lot of negative opinion of a particular browser, that may be cause for concern.

Thanks, both. Bit of a thickie with forums and social media so just being sure. :smile:

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I’m not exactly an official voice or anything, but I see no issue (or, rather, it’s actively helpful) in mentioning the software involved when you’re having issues. Bashing stuff needlessly is bad, but detailed reports are good.

Which I think is basically consistent with what Tatjana said.


Just a thought - and I say this as a diehard Apple user, so no idea how Andriod systems work - has your phone received the latest operating system update?
When you say your phone is old, how old is it?? Can it still receive current updates available for today’s phones? Just wondering if it’s an OS issue then an update should fix all problems. But if your phone is too old for newer updates, it may mean you will need a new phone (hoping this is the VERY last resort mind!).
But the software update could be the key. Again not being familiar with Android devices, I could be totally wrong!


Thanks a lot for your help here, @Dan_Crosby - really kind of you to take the time :star: :star2:

As to browsers - yes, what Kev and Tatjana said… :sunny:


That’s no problem, I’m happy to help anyone with any technical difficulties. :slight_smile:


Hi All, thanks again. Have not logged into forum until now to see the extra messages.

The browsers that won’t work is Firefox but UC Browser seems to work. The phone is just over two years old and is still receiving updates so I guess it is just one of those things.

But, I am happy again because I can use the forum on my phone. Diolch yn fawr iawn!



Now I’d love to hear some more.

I’m using it on tablet (android also) but I’m not extra happy to be honest. I use Google chrome but can’t do most of the things except positng (no quoting like this:

And I have extra difficulties to mark the text at all.

The upper “bar” of the browser also jumps up and down and this for if I want to touch “message” sign t osee what masages I’ve got, I have to turn tablet landscape way to be able to tap it bacause it’s all “bashed” together if I have tablet turned portrait.

So, I’m really eager to hear if someone else has such problems. Thx.

YAY! One more! The “support” team is growing up. - :smiley:

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I’ve taken a look into this and cannot find an option stop the bar moving up and down.

The website uses javascript to allow you to quote text, which isn’t supported on all mobile browsers. Unfortunately.

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Thank you @Dan_Crosby. So, my prefered platform will still be PC. :slight_smile: despite this “old granny” of me doesn’t have anything against using as much different tech toys as she could possibly hold a hand on. - hehe (OK, I’m not that old either though :slight_smile: ).