Help I am struggling

I am struggling to keep up I need to rewind to week 3 I have been inundated with work and old man not well :pensive: how do I reset to week 3 please

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Tagging @aran for you, so he will be notified. He is the best person to sort something out for you. Good luck, and best wishes!


Each weekly email is really just telling you that a new section has been opened up for you - there’s no need at all to ‘keep up’ - if you just log in to the control panel online, you’ll be able to see the material for each week in there until you say you’ve finished it, and then you can move on to the next… :slight_smile: So you can always take your time…


Hi Sandra!
Don’t worry, I’m in a similar boat as I struggle to keep up with the weekly tasks too (due to past chemo my memory is bad)! But, I just do what I can at my own pace so as not to put pressure on myself.
You won’t get kicked off the course or ‘penalised’ for not keeping up, if we did I’d be first put, lol!!
Take your time and you’ll enjoy it more and you’ll be fine.
Hope your husband feels better soon and hasn’t had the throat/chest infection bug that knocked me this week and seems to be going around. :mask:
You’re still learning Welsh more than folk who haven’t signed up!!
DeeDee :smiley::smiley: