Help from anyone out there por favor

I apologise to you all, as yesterday I introduced myself and nothing more…Maybe I didn’t need to say anything else…
Yes, I am floundering now aren’t I… I have never been part of an online forum before and am having a few prob’s navigating my way around it.
Is there anyone who would consider emailing me (en Espanol) please?
I am a keen beginner who wants to learn Spanish to communicate with my Spanish neighbours.
Or maybe I need to ask how I ‘chat with you’ at this on line forum?
If anyone has the time, I very much look forward to hearing from you
Thank you
Kind regards


You seem to be doing fine, Hazel, so don’t worry - but Sundays aren’t always a very busy day for the forum…:wink:

Any problems or questions you have, just post as you’ve done already, and someone will try and lend a hand - in terms of finding practice partners, you might be better off looking at something like - people sometimes find practice partners through our support forum, which is great, but we don’t have enough members yet for it to be easy to arrange.

But any questions/problems, fire away, and we’ll do our best to help…:slight_smile:

Hello Hazel,

I’ll be pleased to help you if you have any problems with Spanish - I use it more than English.

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Hola Ian
Muchas gracias for replying to my ‘help’ call.
It isn’t that I have a single problem; more so that I feel a little isolated and in need of communicating (as best I can!) using the Spanish/Colombian language.
I know both countries use the Spanish language; however there seem to be slight differences. I try to speak with my neighbours but their English is at the same level as my Spanish, so sadly we don’t get very far, even with the help of a dictionary at all times…
I have completed Challenge One and am about to begin Challenge Two I have made mistakes but having Aran ‘convincingly’ tell me this is ok I am continuing with positivity.
Thank you again Ian

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¡Hola! I would like to help, if you want :slight_smile: I’m Mexican so my Spanish is a bit neutral, I hope that’s OK :wink:

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You’re in the very early stages (with our course, at any rate) - so it’s inevitable that you’ll find it difficult to communicate with your neighbours at this stage - but they are a goldmine for you! If they’re willing to commit to one 5 minute session every week where you only use Spanish, it will be hugely beneficial for you - and over time, the 5 minutes can gradually become longer as you gradually find you have more things you can say… :slight_smile:

That’s extremely kind of you, Ian - thank you very much indeed… :star: :star2:

That’s a very lovely offer, Nanaku - thank you for such a kind contribution to the community… :star: :star2:

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Buenos dias Nanuka

Gracias, me gustaria… I would like that. How do we go about it please?

Do I send an e mail to you and you reply? Lo siento, I’m not sure how this
on line forum works pero do welcome your offer of help.

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It depends a bit on what sort of help you’d like - if it’s individual questions, then posting in this thread will make it easy for Nanaku (and others) to respond directly - alternatively, if you click on Nanaku’s name, you’ll see the ‘Message’ option in the little pop-up window.

It’s usually better to use the message option that to start putting email addresses on the forum, because posting your email address can lead to it getting harvested by spam bots… :slight_smile:

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Hola Hazel,

¿Què tal?

Don’t get disheartened; it will come in the end. Learning another language is like learning to play a musical instrument: you have to practice every day and having Colombian neighbours to practice with is a definite bonus.

Don’t worry about making mistakes - we do that all the time with our own languagge and I still do it with Spanish after nearly 50 years of using the language on a daily basis and I can assure you that native Spanish speakers are no different. Anyway, we learn from mistakes. We just seem to be rather stricter with ourselves when it comes to other languages.

There are some good peope on these SSi forums and I am sure that somebody will help you with any queries.



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great :slight_smile: to tell the truth I wasn’t so sure myself XD but as Aran said maybe you could send me a PM and if you feel more comfortable we can exchange emails there :smile:

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