Help for translation into scottish gaelic

Hi there :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m Swiss and a huge fan of Scotland! I just love this country since many years and travelled 6 times through the lowlands, highlands, east coast, west coast, the isles…etc.

I think, my english is good enough to have conversations and for writing (appologies for any mistakes🙂).

But now, I’m searching for a specific translation into Scottish Gaelic.:slightly_smiling_face: Of course I don’t have any knowledge in Gaelic (yet…) and I hope you can do me a favour.

Actually, I’ve already made some research. An old friend of mine I haven´t seen since many years, she learned Scottish Gaelic. She even asked some other Gaelic-speaking friends.

But I just want to make sure, I’ve really got the right translation. Cause, depending which online-translator you’re using, it gives me different results - of course.

I’m searching for the translation of “guardian angel” or as we would say in german “Schutzengel”.

My friend gave me the translation “càr-aingeal”.

But I also found “Aingeal an Neach-dìon” which actually leads to some google results like jewelery or gealic websites.

Maybe both is correct, but with a difference in the understanding or meaning. In german we’ve got the one word for it, which is a little bit more “spiritual”.

But I also can live with a meaning like “protector”, “guardian”…

Would be happy if you could help me out. :slight_smile: hanks in advance and kind regards,


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This Facebook group might be a good place to ask - we don’t have many Gaidhlig speakers around here, I’m afraid…

Thomas, a charaid. I was directed to your question from a Welsh language learning branch of SSi. I’m a Gaelic speaker but it’s not an easy question. Do you mean a full-blown angel of the wings and heavenly demeanour variety or do you mean a person, a friend who looks after you and is therefore like a guardian angel? The former would involve aingeal e.g càr-aingeal but the latter might not and you might even go to something like anam-charaid ‘soul friend’. Aingeal an Neach-dìon is not correct and would mean ‘the angel of the defender’. Check out


Dear Allan

Thank you very very much for your reply, the informations and also the link. :+1: I appreciate it a lot!
I mean the “full-blown angel and heavenly demeanour variety”… So I think I stick with “càr-aingeal” and I’m happy with that. :slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend!