Help, been ill with Covid. Falling behind on weekly emails /course

Hello Everyone
Does anyone know if there’s a way tp pause the weekly emails?
I was doing really well, even managed to take my Welsh outside and speak to a couple of people, but then I got Covid and my brain went to mush and I couldn’t follow anything at all.
I missed practicing / learning for 2 weeks and now I’m getting emails about week 10 of my 12 month journey, when, actually I’m still on week 8 and its making me feel a bit stressed and pressurised

I’m tagging @Deborah-SSi into this, she can help you and pause your progress. Just for future reference, you can also always send an email to explaining your situation, that is usually the most direct way to handle any problem.

Pob lwc!

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Diolch :slight_smile:

@housewife Sorry to hear about the Covid. It had that effect on me as well. I’ve paused your emails for you now. When you’re ready to restart them, just go to and you’ll be able to remove the pause there.

Note that your payments continue while you’re on pause as you need an active subscription to access the material online.

Pob hwyl,