Helo from Adelaide

Hi everyone,

I was on here a few years ago, but never really gave the course the attention it deserved, and my learning took a backseat.

I’m originally from Monmouth, S.Wales, and moved to Aus in 08. I was in Sydney up until April last year, then joined the RAAF and got sent to Wagga for basic training, followed by employment training where I was learning how to fix broken planes (at which point, my Welsh learning jumped out the backseat and into the garage).

So now I’m in Adelaide, where I’m finding myself with some more spare time and energy to dedicate to learning Welsh again.

Looking forward to the course, hopefully will make some good progress and find some speakers here to talk to.

Hi Daniel, welcome back. I was also here before and didn’t have time then. But I have recently started again. I suggest you try the level challenges rather than the original courses. Although they are good, I find I am learning much more with the levels. Hats off to Aran for a very well designed language learning experience.


Hey Ricky, thanks for the tip, I’ll give the levels a crack!

Welcome back, Dan! Great to hear you’re back into Welsh learning. Fancy a Skype session some time?

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Croeso nol, Daniel. pob lwc :thumbsup:

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Hey Louis, definitely keen for a skype session. My Welsh will be pretty average but would be good to catch up!

woohoo! another Monmothian learning Welsh :smile:
… and another Monmothian gone down under! I’ve got other Monmouth friends who ended up in Oz/NZ too. I only got as far as N.Wales though :wink:

Da iawn ti :sunny:


Welcome back, Daniel! Anyone who keeps on getting back up on the horse ends up getting where they want to be :sunny:

And thanks for your very kind words, Ricky! :sunny:

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Hey Louis, what’s your Skype? When are you free?

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Just sent you a private message, Dan