Hello I'm new here

Hello everyone, I’ve just signed up for the 6 minute a day SSi course, after really enjoying the taster course. I’m very excited and nervous at the same time, I’m hoping to be able to suprise my grandchildren in a year’s time, as their first language is Welsh. I have tried to learn for decades, I’m more positive about this course than any other I have tried. Good luck to you all.


Croeso Irena your reason for learning is similar to mine expect for me its my nephews and nieces and great nephews and nieces who are all first language Welsh. I decided it was time to learn when my great niece started to speak English slowly to me as she thought I must be a bit simple as I didn’t understand her Welsh!!
Good luck. All I can say is whenever you feel you’re getting nowhere just go back a couple of lessons and you’ll be amazed how much you’ve learnt.


Hello Jenny, Diolch for your message, its all encouraging when other people are in the same boat. You made me laugh when you said they thought you were simple, lol, I’m sure my grandchildren think the same, ha ha. What happens if I can’t complete the task in one week? That worries me slightly. Good luck with your course, I hope one day we will chat in Welsh :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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I bet you’ll be able to surprise them before a year has past!! Pob lwc with the course, Make lots of mistakes and DON’T WORRY!

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Diolch yn fawr, (hope that’s right!) that’s really encouraged me, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and nervous at the moment, but eager to start. I’ll try not to worry, lol.


Hi Irena,

excellent decision!

If I may add a suggestion from here in Italy I would say:
try to relax and enjoy yourself - it will help you learn more easily! :wink:

I’m saying this because I have the impression people from Wales people have a variety strong emotions related to learning the language, feeling they should learn faster, make no mistakes, or have bad memories of previous failed attempts at school or whatever, and feel very anxious about it.

But truth is that with this method you don’t have exams, not even people judging you while you’re learning.
And as soon as you start practicing saying things to people with a relaxed attitude (through the SSiW on line groups or in person learners groups or with people you know) the sooner you realize you can survive through mistales, and don’t have to worry and can just have fun!


Diolch yn fawr Gisella, thank you for your encouragement and advice. You are so right, I do put pressure on myself to learn it, and past courses have affected me. I will try to relax and not worry, great advice. Good luck, I admire you learning Welsh aswell as being in Italy!


Hi everyone, I’m just half way into challenge 2 level one, I’m finding it difficult to speak before Catrin does without the pause button even after I’ve done the challenge 2 or 3 times. I can usually get the sentence right, but not in the time, as I say it slower (older brain maybe, lol) anyone else have the same problem? Plus some words sink in, and others cause me real problems, be nice to know if others are experiencing the same, I’m thinking, and this is only level 1!! Good luck to you all.

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Hi @irena

…its not just some people but pretty much everyone has - all of these problems! :smile:

If you are in a situation where you are able to say the sentences right - just not in time - that is, in fact, excellent. The general advice is to crack on because there is huge repetition built into the course - and some things you swear you will never remember - just pop out of your mouth in the most extraordinary fashion when you are asked in a later challenge. :upside_down_face:

Your brain is working on all of the things you’ve heard but only some of that is initially obvious. There is something about being being told other things - if you keep on keeping on - that helps your brain work it all out.

So, it’s normal; don’t strive for perfection because this will slow down your progress; keep going and enjoy the mistakes because each time you learn something.

From what you’ve said it sounds like you’re doing great - dal ati - keep it up!

Rich :slight_smile:

@rich hi, Diolch yn fawr, I feel a lot better after such a positive reply from you. Your words are very encouraging. Ive made some stupid mistakes! I translated what I actually said once and it was gobbledegook, it made me laugh,:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. I am enjoying it though, and I look back on a week ago and say to myself, i couldn’t say that last week, but I can now. Thank you again, your reply is greatly appreciated. :+1::blush:. Irena :grin: