Hello , anyone learning in Australia?

Hi there, I have just started and so keen to practise speaking with someone.
I was born in North Wales but live in Sydney now.
Hoping to return to my homeland on a holiday as a Welsh speaker.
Anyone living in Australia that may like to connect with me.? Here’s cheers to you all . Linda

Hi @linda-davies! Croeso!

There was a request recently from someone in Brisbane: Welsh speakers or learners in Brisbane and you can also find other Australian learners to speak Welsh with if you join the Welsh Speaking Practice Slack group.

You don’t live anywhere near the northern beaches area of Sydney by any chance, do you? I used to live in Sydney so I know it’s a long shot as Sydney covers a huge area, but I just thought I’d ask on behalf of a housebound Welsh learner there.

Hi Deborah, thank you so much for your reply.
I live south of Sydney so unfortunately nowhere near The Northern Beaches,
I’m on my L plates here., have just started week 3.
I am beyond excited to go on this journey . I so hope to be able to confidently speak this beautiful language .
My head is spinning a bit, but I’m sure it becomes a bit easier .
Best wishes to you , Linda

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Hi Linda,

I am a Welsh learner in QLD. We have Zoom sessions between a few of us, set up via Slack. You are welcome to join in. Search for great southern land in the WelshSpeakingPractice once you are in.


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