Hedd Wyn - or Not

Well! We turned up for a showing of Hedd Wyn at the Memorial Hall in Barry at lunchtime on this most appropriate of days and locations. Did we see the film? No. Why? Because S4C had put the English subtitles too low on the screen after reconfiguring it, losing the second line, and the organisers at the Memo felt it was unfair on English people to show it without the subtitles.

Only in Barry, as I often say…

Did they not show it at all? Or was there an English language version of it that they showed?

They cancelled the lunchtime showing completely, but said they’d have a corrected version from S4C by the evening slot, which was advertised for 7pm. We couldn’t turn up for that as we were at the Canolfan Palmerston by then, watching ‘Solomon a Gaenor’ and tucking into dishes of popcorn, courtesy of Sarian.

I don’t think many people turned up at lunchtime, seven that we know of, so maybe that influenced them.