Hearing impaired learner looking for slow-talking practice partner(s)


Dw i wedi bod yn dysgu am biti mis, a mae eisiau i fi siarad Cymraeg yn araf achos… I am deaf (totally on one side, profoundly on the other). Scientists say the hard-of-hearing take an extra 0.6 of a second for their brains to interpret what sounds they can hear, filling in the gaps as necessary. Thanks to the miracles of modern medicine and technology I manage quite well, so over ‘am bit mis’ have progressed from Course 1, Gwers 1-7, then on to Challenges 1-9 so far. But that is at my own pace and I rely on visual cues (the transcripts) when I am not sure what the sounds are.

Allet ti helpu, a siarad yn araf (eto ac eto) gyda fi? Dw i ddim yn siwr os dw i’n mynd i gallu ddeall, ond dw i’n mynd i trio. Mae’n ddrwg ‘da fi, ond dw i’n meddwl bo’ fi dal moyn y ‘script’

Phew, my brain hurts–this takes a lot of concentration, ond dw i’n joio y cyfle i ymarfer.

Diolch yn fawr,


Dw I’m hapus I siarad efo di. dw I’m byddar Iawn ond dealt yr problem. Effallai Dan ni’n medriu siarad drwy Skype? Ha I mi wybod bydd neis Iawn siatad. Dw I’m medru ‘araf’ Ac A R. A. F A C. H!


That sounds like a huge achievement, Marilyn - I admire your determination enormously. It sounds as though you’d be a particularly good person to talk to when we get to the point of trying to think more carefully about how to make the course better/more accessible… :sunny:


What about putting this request into newsletter? (at least that’s what occured to me to be birilliant to do reading this thread in the late night/early morning) :slight_smile:


It would be my pleasure to help Aran–a little payback for all the wonderful work you and others have done in setting up SSiW, and for the joy it is giving me.

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This is absolutely wonderful and very exciting–thank you so, so much!

I will set up a new Skype account (I had problems with it crashing my computer several times, so a friend who seems to work magic with such things is going to try to do this for me early next week). Once I am up and running I will let you know. In the meantime, put that metronome on Largo… :smile: .

All the very best,

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Thank you so much for those extremely kind words… :sunny: :star2: