Hear something in welsh?

I am at level 3, which I can hardly believe myself, and I am no doubt learning to speak my adopted country’s language.

However, conversation thrives on hearing and translating, which got me round to thinking how I might use technology to hone my listening skills.

In every unit we are given an English phase to translate, and then told the welsh for that phrase in two different voices.

I started to think if I might edit my mp3 file so that the English followed the welsh statements. That way I would be forced to test if I know what has just been said to me before I was told what I should have heard.

Whilst I hardly feel that no one has had this thought before me, I wondered if anybody had actually acted upon it and created such a file, before I set about it?


From my experience, I would say that understanding those sentences is going to be so easy so soon that it’s not really worth the effort.

The SSiW Advanced Content is better in this sense, in my opinion.
It’s a bit of a shock at first, but if you start from the newer shorter ones and just do even just a few minutes at a time…it’s way more challenging and you’re going to improve listening skills fast!

Also watching TV (and checking subtitles) and listening to songs while following lyrics, I think.