He/she or just an it


I’m hoping someone can help me out here… Mostly it makes sense due to context if someone is referring to ‘it’ or an actual person ‘hi’/fe. However sometimes i get confused. Here is an example.

Bydd hi’n ddoniol gobeithio

Does that mean ‘she will be funny hopefully’ or ‘it will be funny hopefully’?



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Hi Andrew

I think context is everything here…

If what preceded was a mention of a live performance by Sarah Milican (comedian) - it could be referring to her as a person;

It could be an it referring to something specific which has a female gender eg a play;

or an abstract ‘it’ - which defaults to female - such as it raining when you’ve gone out in just a tee shirt

Rich :slight_smile:


Thanks Rich. Just more practise then!

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