Having trouble getting back on track

I was cruising up to and including week 6 of the six month course. I was doing the listening exercise everyday. I was creating sentences using what I had learned and I generally felt like I was on top of it. Then I went to Ireland for a job interview. That was a 4 day trip in which I didn’t study any Welsh. I returned home and completed the required lessons ( not completely confident in my results). Since then I have had trouble getting back on track. I haven’t done the listening exercises daily, I haven’t been making up sentences and generally feel overwhelmed. I guess I am just looking for some words of encouragement from others that might have had trouble keeping up.

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Yes, I’m having trouble as well - officially I’m on Challenge 19 but I definitely haven’t got on top of the last 5 or so! Someone else was having difficulty and re-doing the lessons several times, and he was advised to carry on and things would sort themselves out. But I think I need to go back and revise the previous lessons to give me confidence. Dw i angen ymarfer mwy! I am determined to get back on track, and I’m sure you will too. Who said it’s six minutes a day? Definitely needs more than that!

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There have been a few times, particularly after I’ve been away, when it seems difficult to get back on track but I found if I really focussed for a while, and looked back over a few lists of introduced words, I fell back into it. I think one of the keys is not to put pressure on ourselves … enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for that. I have been doing a little bit everyday and I am sure my motivation will return and I will be cruising along again.

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Due to ill health ( lack of spoons) I’ve had to start again and will be in touch again when I’ve got back up to where I was (marbles permitting).

Good wishes to everybody, especially to my fellow strugglers.