Have you seen this: Mae: Gan Mererid Hopwood

I just watched this video for this beautiful poem. Sadly I can’t understand it but I thinks it’s lovely.
Sorry if someone has already posted it.

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Diolch @jen :slight_smile:
Has anyone seen all of the words written down somewhere?

And linking in - has anyone seen the words for Mererid Hopwood’s new lyrics for Men of Harlech (as sung by Bryn Terfel earlier today) anywhere?


Diolch @siaronjames :slight_smile:
Don’t suppose you know where I can find all of the words to Mae too, do you?

Haven’t come across the words to Mae yet. I just happened to see the facebook post with Bryn and remembered you asking for the words! If the same serendipity occurs again, I’ll certainly post them!

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That would be much appreciated - I’m not on Facebook, so depend on kind souls like yourself for such gems :slight_smile:

However, my unsuccessful searches yesterday did lead me to the wonderful Ga’i Hanes Draig? :dragon:
I’ve always loved dragons, and with links to a video of Mererid reading it - ticks all the boxes :blush:

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Ooh thanks for that. Jackie Morris is wonderful